Leaders at their Best Respect

A photo of a woman with the text 'It's about Human-ity' and 'Leaders at their best respect'

Every day we have the opportunity to create a culture of dignity and respect through our behavior and actions. This campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about how each of us can help create a campus community where all can live, learn, work and thrive – with all of our differences.



Below are some tips and ideas to get you started.

  • Reflect. What does respect mean to you? How do you wish to be treated? How can you treat others with dignity and respect?
  • Be Open. View new experiences and ideas as valuable learning opportunities.
  • Be Patient. Take the time to get the full story and try to understand others.
  • Listen. Don’t interrupt or jump to conclusions, give others the chance to share their point of view.
  • Include. Make an effort to include others – especially if they are different than you.
  • Be Flexible. Learn how to adapt to changing conditions, be open to doing things differently.
  • Be Fair. Don’t play favorites. Treat everyone the same regardless of their role or position.
  • Find Common Ground. Cultivate understanding by learning what you have in common with others.
  • Communicate Respectfully. Be aware of your tone when communicating (written and verbally) with others. Do you sound angry, defensive or condescending?
  • Give People a Chance. Most people have good intentions. Everyone makes mistakes. Resist the urge to judge others. They may be able to learn from your perspective.
  • Share Your Perspective. Let others know how you feel, share your ideas and experiences.
  • Ask Others to Share Theirs. Encourage others to share their perspective with you.
  • Agree to Disagree. Even when you strongly disagree with someone’s viewpoint, try to remain composed and have a civil discussion. You may never agree with them or change their mind. That’s OK. You don’t have to like a person or their ideas in order to treat them respectfully.