Below are some frequently asked questions about Expect Respect


What benefits does the University get from having a diverse community?

At the University of Michigan, we live, work, and learn in a culture that defines itself in terms of intellectual exchange, appreciation of individual differences, and respect for each individual’s personal dignity. The University’s diverse blend of students, staff and faculty is a tremendous resource, and we all benefit from this mix of perspectives and experiences. For many students, college is the first opportunity to meet and interact with those from other races, cultures and backgrounds. It is through this rich learning environment that we teach future generations the importance of understanding and valuing every individual’s experiences.


How can I arrange an educational program on this topic for my campus department or student organization?

You can find out more about Expect Respect's programs in the How to Get Involved section of this website.

We also encourage campus organizations that are planning programs and events related to creating a respectful and welcoming community to let us know about your event, so we may consider it for inclusion in this website. You can send information about upcoming events to expectrespect@umich.edu.